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安科瑞 陳聰

 Acrel smart lighting control system applicated in Malaysia Petroliam Nasional Bhd project

摘要:隨著社會經濟的發展及網絡技術、通信技術的提高,人們對照明設計提出了新的要求,它不僅要控制照明光源的發光時間、 亮度,而且與其它系統來配合不同的應用場合做出相應的燈光場景。本文介紹了馬亞西亞石油公司智能照明項目的應用。

Abstract: With the development of economy and the improvement of network and communication technology, we propose new requirements for lighting design. It not only need to control the luminous time and lighting brightness , but also makes lighting scene with other systems in different applications. This article introduces the application of smart lighting control system of Malaysia Petroliam Nasional Bhd project.


Keywords: smart lighting system, energy saving, lighting control


Project overview


Malaysia Petroliam Nasional Bhd is located in the capital Kuala Lumpur. This project mainly deals with the smart lighting control of the office building, and realizes central control by a background system.


System introduction

Based on KNX bus technology, Acrel-BUS smart lighting control system originates from Europe and develops from the three bus control technologies for residences and buildings including EIB, Batibus and EHS, of which EIB (European Installation Bus) is the agent technology. It uses the dual-core shielded twisted pair as the bus cable to connect all control modules for system control.

The system can integrate various independent control functions and combine many advantages including comfort, flexibility, safety, energy conservation, economy, easy maintenance into one system. It is mainly used for the control areas of large pubic construction projects including residences and buildings.


Lighting system diagram of Petroliam Nasional Bhd office building


System function

Manual control: smart panels and touchscreens installed in all areas can realize real time control of light on/off and brightness according to actual needs.

Auto control: sensors of different functions (e.g. illuminance transducers and human motion sensors) can realize automatic control of light based on external environment.

Scenario control: different scenarios can be preset for switching between them.

Time control: the system will automatically complete the light control according to the preset operation time to ensure minimum energy consumption in idle period.

Central control: for all controls, real time monitoring and effective control of the entire lighting area can be realized. It facilitates the control modes and saves labor and power.

Status feedback: the system can give feedback on the on/off function of lighting fixtures on the site.

System linkage: the lighting system can form system linkage with the property management system, the building automation system and the security &fire system.


System screen



Acrel smart lighting system controls the public lighting area of Petroliam Nasional Bhd.

The lighting control system is shown in the figure below, mainly realizes public lighting control, which can be controlled centralize or independently. The control status can be directly displayed on the touch screen, and the automatically set the lighting circuits on-off time.

Smart lighting interface 2


The main interface of smart lighting control system is shown in the figure below. Special areas can automatically control the lighting on and off of public areas according to time period control.


Timely control screen one


Timely control screen two


System structure


According to the lighting distribution of Petroliam Nasional Bhd, the system includes: station control management layer and field equipment layer. The system network structure is shown as belows.


Description of smart lighting control module:

The above is the structural typology diagram of Acrel-bus smart lighting control system. The system architecture adopts layered structure, advantageous mainly in the following three aspects:

1、Enhancing system reliability. As each area and each line is distributed with KNX power, the electric isolation enables other parts to continue with operation when something goes wrong with one part of the system.

2、The data communication within one line or one area will not affect communication in other areas.

3、During system commissioning and maintenance, a clear system structure will provides high maintenance efficiency .


Common Product Models

6.1Power module


Function description:

A standard power supply for the KNX/EIB system, coupling bus signals and monitoring currents in KNX/EIB systems. Besides, the power supply of this series provides an auxiliary DC voltage of 30V for the power supply of other peripheral equipment (e.g. touchscreens, IP gateways). The module can supply power to a maximum of 64 pieces of equipment with bus reset, overcurrent indication and short circuit protection.

6.2 Switch drive

Function description:

The switch drive is a drive used for switch control of equipment. It supports KNX bus protocol and has functions including logic, delay, preset, scenario and threshold switching.


6.3 0-10V dimming drive

Function description:

The 0-10V dimming module supports KNX bus protocol and is used to control dimming circuits. It has soft on/off functions. Each circuit can be called by 8 scenarios simultaneously to check circuit status. It is especially suitable for the dimming of incandescent lamps, LED lights and low voltage halogen lamps. It also has functions including on/off, scenario and status feedback.

6.4 SCR dimming module


Function description:

The SCR dimming module supports KNX bus protocol. As a dimming module, it cannot only control the connection and disconnection of the load through direct control of the connection and disconnection of input power, but also adjust input voltage by phase control to realize LED dimming. 


6.5Human motion and illuminance sensor


Function description:

The smart lighting sensor supports KNX bus protocol. It can sense external signals and physical conditions (such as light, infrared and microwave) and transmit the sensed information to other KNX modules (such as dimmers, switch drives) to realize its functions. It is mainly used for places in need of automatic control in the smart lighting control system including public passages, lobbies and garages.

6.6 Smart panel


The smart panel supports KNX bus protocol. It is used to receive the signals triggered by button press. It can realize on/off, dimming, scenario, curtain control, temperature adjustment, alarm function through the combination of short or long press and different parameter configuration.
Function description:

6.7 Dry contact input module

Function description:

The dry contact signal input module supports KNX bus protocol. It is used to receive external dry contact signal input. It can realize functions through different parameter configuration including on/off, dimming, scenario, curtain control, data transmission, count, temperature adjustment and alarm.


The meaning of smart lighting control system


Nowadays with the development of modernization, more and more buildings have already used smart lighting system. Most modern office buildings use smart lighting system, which is more popular than the old-fashioned lighting system. The energy saving method of smart lighting system in the building can realize resource saving by strengthening management and cost saving, effectively benefiting natural light source and lighting system resource sharing. There are many advantages and practicability of smart lighting system, and smart lighting system is also developing and improving constantly. In the future, most building will use smart lighting system for lighting control.


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